Lawyer | Certified Specialist for Commercial and Corporate Law
Dr. Florian Gehrke  |  Partner

Dr. Florian Gehrke always had a sense for legal consideration in a global economic world. That’s why he spent time in Hamburg as well as Cape Town and Stellenbosch (South Africa) during his studies. He was able to gain further international experience while working as a trainee in the German embassy in Windhoek (Namibia) and with a lawyer in Cape Town. Since his admission as a lawyer 2006 Dr. Gehrke has been working for Dierkes Partner. Interesting professional challenges and individual characteristics in the field of national and international economic law are crucial elements regarding his work at Dierkes Partner.

Service areas:

//  Support on disputes with and among shareholders and managers (also legally)
//  Support on arbitration (also internationally)
//  Advice on business foundation (also internationally)
//  Advice on company purchases and sales (also internationally)
//  Advice on business succession
//  Advice on business conversions (changes of the legal form, mergers, demergers)
//  Advice on distribution law (especially corporate law)
//  Drafting of articles of association
//  Drafting of contracts (also internationally)

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SectorLegal advice
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