Tax Advisor | Certified Public Accountant | MBA
Dipl.-Kfm. Lutz Lehmann-Bergholz  |  Partner

Lutz Lehmann-Bergholz, born in 1963 is one of our most experienced colleagues in the house of Dierkes Partner. From the start his heart was beating for lasting consultancy and long-term support of our clients. The emphasis of his work lies in the general consultancy, the preparation and audit of annual financial statements as well as special issues e.g. company succession and corporate acquisitions. Due to his many-year’s practical experience in the field of international tax law these issues developed into his speciality. Especially for clients who wish to operate on an international basis. He is our responsible contact for Morison KSi, who is our international partner network. Furthermore Mr. Lehmann-Bergholz is board member of DIERKES Lüneburg AG auditing company (DIERKES AUDIT).

Service areas:

//  Advice on company succession
//  Advice on international taxation
//  Preparation of annual financial statements
//  Audit of annual financial statements
//  Specialisation: Business foundation (especially Business Angel)

LocationDierkes Partner Lüneburg
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