Welcome to Dierkes Partner

New projects are full of opportunities and risks. We’ve made it our avowed aim to support you and your company – purposefully, proficiently and passionately. Thus, we will enable you to achieve your full potential, recognise and steer well clear of obstacles, and look confidently to the future knowing you have been well advised.

At our three offices in Hamburg City, Hamburg-Harburg and Lueneburg, well over 100 members of staff will dedicate themselves and their extensive expertise to working towards your success. We’ve made the conscious decision to take our advisory services a step further than the traditional core areas of auditing, tax consultancy and legal advice. Thanks to our international, experienced network of qualified experts, we can put together the best team for any and every task.

Maximum efficiency, minimum friction – so that you, our client, can always feel you’ve received the very best support.

Office Locations

Welcome to Dierkes Partner in Hamburg-City

Dierkes Partner Hamburg-City is located directly on ‚Baumwall‘, in excellent company – right next to the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie, Landungsbrucken and the pulsating life of the port. Dierkes Partner has grown along with the city; in Hamburg alone, we now have some 70 staff to deal with clients from throughout Hamburg’s metropolitan region. Naturally, our clients profit from the same full range of advisory services here as at the other Dierkes Partner offices.


Welcome to Dierkes Partner in Hamburg-Harburg

Dierkes Partner opened a separate office in Hamburg-Harburg in 2005. Although the new opening was not directly linked to the senate’s ‘Bridge the Elbe’ project, it was motivated by a similar intuition for the special flair of the district, which is located in the south of Hamburg. The atmosphere in Harburg’s busy inland port is marked by optimism and the wind of change. Established industries meet international port industries and a flourishing business location.
The interplay between the modern architecture in the channel and the historic old city with its ‚Schlossinsel‘ clearly reflects the fascinating character and rich diversity found here south of the Elbe. While the office, comprising 10 employees, is the smallest in the Dierkes Partner chain, it is also developing more rapidly than any of the others. Here in Harburg, as in the other offices, you can rely on all the advisory services offered in the Dierkes Partner portfolio.


Welcome to Dierkes Partner in Lueneburg

It is in Lueneburg that the success story of Dierkes Partner began back in 1979. Formerly a garrison town, Lueneburg has evolved into a real driving force for the region. Together with Leuphana University, the state of Lower Saxony has developed a concept to promote industry in the region which is totally unique to Europe. Everywhere you look, residential and industrial buildings are sprouting up, and the economy – fired mainly by SMEs – is developing with unparalleled vitality. Dierkes Partner has been supporting this development for over thirty years now, and with some 40 employees, we’re one of the largest local providers of advisory services in our areas of expertise.
During this time our bonds with both Lueneburg and the surrounding region have grown stronger steadily. We therefore look forward to welcoming you to our new branch, opened in 2010, in offices overlooking the old part of Lueneburg.



Tax consultancy

Tax affairs can be as diverse as the companies that have to deal with them. Particularly in this present day and age in which business and markets cooperate with increasing intensity on an international level and business processes can involve cross-border interaction. To meet clients‘ needs, tax consultancy can never simply provide ‚off the peg‘ solutions. In fact, it embraces a wide range of expertise.
The traditional work of tax consultants includes the preparation of tax declarations, accounting, annual financial statements and tax audits. Here at Dierkes Partner, structuring is one of the main elements of our advisory services. We join forces with you to develop a concept which focuses on your personal or business aims. These are the parameters within which we then find individual tax solutions for you.
Our clients seek tax advisory services for a wide range of reasons: some of you might need support with the expanding field of international tax law; maybe you need to ensure that your business succession runs smoothly; or you might quite simply require an expert at your side during a time of crisis.
Through it all we always keep an eye on the big picture incorporating interdisciplinary measures where necessary or promising. Our aim, after all, is not just to offer good tax consultancy services – here at Dierkes Partner, we want you to feel well advised all round.



The demands on sustainable auditing have risen in proportion to the growing complexity of business processes in an increasingly competitive market. End-of-year audits, audit reviews and annual financial statements, pro forma audits and consolidated audits in accordance with HGB (German commercial law) and IRFS – these standards are the foundation of the auditing and advisory services we offer.
Building on this base, we at Dierkes Partner conduct comprehensive special audits tailored to your precise specifications. Depending on the requirements, these could include formation audits for the AktG (German Company Act), approval certificates, share capital increases and management audits. We also conduct audits for corporations, dependency reports and corporate transformations, and due diligence audits. Last but not least, our repertoire also includes the entire portfolio of services connected with international accounting (IAS/IFRS, US-GAAP) and drawing up or checking restructuring reports (IDW S6 – established standard for restructuring opinions published by the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany).
In keeping with our interdisciplinary approach, we always maintain a holistic view of the client’s requirements. As a medium-sized company we know from experience where the opportunities and risks for your medium-sized company lie and how you can optimise your processes. Our goal here is really quite basic: we offer comprehensive and future-oriented advisory services so you can come to the best decisions.


Legal advice

With the number of laws and regulations increasing constantly, the need for legal advice, is more pertinent than ever before. The demands on entrepreneurs with companies, employees and of course, families to look after are rising. We have adapted to this globalised world by focussing on prevention rather than cure, by coupling specialisation with vision and by developing our ability to concentrate on the essentials, whether on the domestic market or overseas.
To do all this we focus on the essentials. These include employment law, commercial law and company law, plus business organisation and structuring. In addition, areas such as inheritance law, tax law, and dispute resolution may also play a role. We offer support with drawing up contracts, negotiating with business partners and resolving disputes. Throughout each stage of your company’s development we will be by your side: from the founding of the company to regulating its succession both in good times and bad. Working hand in hand with tax consultants and auditors we are able to look beyond the legal horizon to find solutions to questions with complex economic implications. Together with our international partners, we even offer advisory services for cross-border activities.



Morison Guide „Doing Business in Germany“
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Morison KSi „Global Tax Insights“  Q3-Q4 2107
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Dierkes Partner in Hamburg-City

Baumwall 7 (Überseehaus)
D – 20459 Hamburg
Phone.: +49 – (0) – 40 3615 6 – 0
Fax.: +49 – (0) – 40 3615 6 – 222
Email: hamburg@dierkes-partner.de
Internet: www.dierkes-partner.de

Parking facilities:

Several parking spaces reserved for Dierkes Partner can be found in the underground car park below the Überseehaus building. Further parking facilities can be found in the Michel-Garage car park, just a few minutes’ walk from the Dierkes Partner offices.

Getting here by public transport:

Arriving by public transport (HVV)
Arriving by train

The nearest underground station ‚U-Bahn Baumwall‘ is just a few minutes’ walk from Dierkes Partner Hamburg-City office. If you are arriving by underground train, you will need to use the HVV rapid transit (U3) service from the main station (Hauptbahnhof).

You can also reach us by bike – a cycle hire docking station is located directly in front of the building. To find your nearest cycle hire docking station, please see Stadtrad Hamburg Website.

Dierkes Partner Hamburg-Harburg

Veritaskai 4 (Kontorhaus Hafenblick)
D – 21079 Hamburg
Phone.: +49 – (0) – 40 7611 466 – 0
Fax.: +49 – (0) – 40 7611 466 – 22
Email: harburg@dierkes-partner.de
Internet: www.dierkes-partner.de

Parking facilities:

You can park in the Veritaskai multi-storey car park.

Getting here by public transport:

Arriving by public transport (HVV)
Arriving by train

The nearest underground stops are just a few minutes’ walk from the Dierkes Partner Harburg office.

Dierkes Partner in Lueneburg

Vor dem Bardowicker Tore 6B (Hansekontor)
D – 21339 Lueneburg
Phone.: +49 – (0) – 4131 7499 – 0
Fax.: +49 – (0) – 4131 7499 – 44
Email: lueneburg@dp-lg.de
Internet: www.dierkes-partner.de

Parking facilities:

Parking facilities are available directly outside the Dierkes Partner Lueneburg office.

Getting here by public transport:

Arriving by train

The nearest train station is just a few minutes’ walk from the Dierkes Partner Lueneburg office.